Milk, Eggs, & Bread

No need to traverse a mega-store for something as simple as milk eggs,and bread (or fresh produce). Like our fruits, vegetables, fudge and cheese, the best-tasting milk, eggs, and bread can be found at Shenot’s Market, and we are a low-stress, convenient stop on your way home from work.

We feature milk and other dairy products from Marburger’s, which many agree is the best-tasting milk in the region.

In addition we carry Amish Roll butter, a rare find and a special treat for your taste buds.

We carry eggs from Marburger as well as cage free organic eggs from Jubilee Hilltop Ranch in Osterburg, PA.  No matter which you choose you are making the smart tasty choice for your family.

Our bread is made by Wood Street Bakery in Wilkinsburg, a family-owned establishment that bakes all-natural bread that has exceptional taste, texture and shelf life. Wood Street’s bread is handmade daily from scratch and is hearth-baked.

While it uses only the finest ingredients, Wood Street Bakery is also known for what it doesn’t use; it uses no preservatives, additives, or other chemicals; no oils or trans fats; and no high fructose corn syrup.