A photo of apples at Shenot Farm in Wexford, PA

Starting in early July through early November, we harvest approximately 25 varieties of apples. From these many varieties we are able to create the perfect blend of apples  for our award-winning apple cider.

As Johnny Appleseed could tell you, Western Pennsylvania is a great place to grow apples, and the apples grown at Shenot Farm are second-to-none.

The time of availability is controlled by weather conditions. Learn about each of our 25 varieties and their seasons here. Please call ahead to check on the availability of your favorite apple.  Our staff is always happy to help you to choose which apple to use for your specific needs.

Remember apples make great healthy gifts any time of the year. We can ship apples to your family and friends October through December. Please call for details.

If you are looking for delicious recipes with apples, see our recipes page. We’ll add more as time permits. When visiting our market be sure to pick up one of our mixes to make your own homemade apple dessert. Your family will love it and so will you because they are so simple to make.

Apple Tips

  • For maximum eating enjoyment and longest “keeping time” be sure to keep your apples refrigerated. About 34 degrees is ideal. A garage or porch with constant temperature changes is not a good place to store apples. Apples kept under the proper conditions will last a long time!
  • Handle your apples like eggs to avoid bruising.
  • A medium apple contains only 80 calories.
  • Apples have no fat, cholesterol, or sodium.