Shenot’s Approach

At the Market

Photo of Shenot's Farm Market vegetable caseAt Shenot’s, we know the best way to keep satisfied customers is to offer the finest and freshest produce available.

We also know that the best way to ensure our produce is the best is to grow it ourselves in the heart of Wexford, PA.

However, we do offer a few types of produce–like strawberries–that we do not grow ourselves but come from other fine, local farms..


In the Fields and Orchards

Photo of child picking a large pumpkin at Shenot'sOur growing practices are based upon the conservation of our highly-valued soil and natural ecosystems that exist on our farm.

Careful management of these aspects is essential to ensure both the safety and quality of our produce, and the health of our soil–so that we can produce for many years to come. For more information about that, please see our sustainable farming methods page.

At Shenot’s, harvesting is done exclusively by hand.

We refer to this as picking because we see it as more of a selection process where “Quality or Nothing” is our rule for every harvest.

Note, too, that handling practices of the fruits and veggies makes a significant difference in the resulting quality of our final product.  During harvest, and any other time the produce is handled, we treat the product as if it were as fragile as eggs. This care, combined with proper post-harvest temperature control, ensures that our customers will be delighted with our extremely-fresh produce.