Since 1854

Our farm was founded by Christopher Scheno when he arrived in America in 1854.  The land was passed down from father-to-son for five generations and has always been operated by the Shenots. (We’re not sure when we lost the “c” and gained the “t,” but these things happen in the course of 157 years.) So, we take our stewardship of the land very seriously.

For many years, much of the farm was dedicated to a small dairy operation and the growing of sweet corn, apples and other small vegetables.

Milk was sold from the farm.  Most of the produce was sold door to door, to local stores, and at the Pittsburgh Market House.

Our first roadside stand was built in 1967.  After outgrowing this market and Ed’s return from college in 1972, the roadside stand was replaced with a larger, more modern farm market, which was expanded in 1993 to support our growing clientele and local population.

The farm is now being operated by the fifth and sixth generations of Shenots, and the seventh will start helping soon.